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New Mornging...

It was just barely dawn when I woke up and turned to see Lilah still lying next to me asleep. I leaned over and kissed her,as my arms wrapped around her. I wanted to make lastnight up to her, and this seemed like a pretty good way of doing just that. I continued the kisses slowly trailing them down her body. We still had a few hours before we had to be on the road again.
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It's raining when we leave his flat and I hope it stays on. I like the rain even though it's not much fun to drive in. It doesn't take me long to change into jeans (the tightest ones I can find!), throw a few things into a bag and make sure that my flat is secure and now there's no turning back. I feel strange...not bad...just strange. I've never done anything like this before, never been in a situation like this. I've taken myself off on trips before but never with anyone that I had any sort of feelings for.

"Can you drive?"

I don't really feel upto driving tonight. I'd rather just curl up on the passenger seat and watch him while he does the driving. There's too much going round in my head to be able to concentrate.

As soon as we get into the car, I already feel myself changing a little. I don't need to put up the front I normally do and it feels good to be able to just relax.

Things you never really plan..

It'd been a day just like any other day in the past few weeks. I had come back from a cse after sending my men home, and I checked my messages. I had one from my father, informing me that my parents knew about Lilah, well not her specifically, but they knew I had someone. And he told me that they wished to meet this mysterious woman, whom I had been spending most of my time with, and neglected to inform them of. I sighed and shut off the machine, then went to take a shower.

Once I was done with my shower and dressed again I looked over some emails and checked a few references in some of my books. I glanced at the clock a few times, I knew that Lilah was sure to be stopping by at some point today. I had yet to figure out if I was actually going to take my parents up on their.. offer that I come home for a week long visit. I got up from the sofa and walked into the kitchen to get a glass of scotch, just as I heard the knock on my door. A small smile spread across my face; as I clanced at the clock, she was early. I finished pouring my glass of scotch, then finally around the fourth knock went to open the door. I opened it and leaned against it. "Slow day at the office?" I asked her once I'd opened the door. Slow days or bordom were about the only times that Lilah ever showed up on my doorstep before ten in the evening.

((Open to Lilah))
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